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1st Floor Savings House 4/8 Petrie Plaza
ACT 2601

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Why choose Silva Plumbing Service Pty. Ltd?

We know to ensure sustainable long term operations in Canberra, we need to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing a product that is user friendly, versatile and well equipped in order to encourage new business and ensure repeat patronage. By ensuring our customers feel our engagement will always be a positive experience and inspiring the thought that a resolution is only a phone call away, we know we will be rewarded by always being the first choice when a plumber is required and the first one to be recommended when a reference is warranted. We carefully select and train our staff to be skilled in all aspects of Plumbing, Drainage and Gas fitting and ensure our staff have interpersonal skills that will not only make every interaction you have with us a successful one, but a positive one you will tell people about.

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